BOOYAH Finance Jig 34 oz Lights Out $5.99 Money in the bank! The BOOYAH Finance Jig was designed by the pros to be the one jig they could turn to in any situation. As a result, the BOOYAH Finance Jig can stay tied to the end of yourine as you switch from one technique to another flipping,

Classic ball head design. Features The Booyah Finance Jig is the ultimate multi purpose bass jig. What does this mean?

The Finance Jig is a great finesse presentation for getting bites when other jigs wont AND it goes up to oz for a great compact deeper.

Not Available at This Time.

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B0 F0 0 B CB D B B 1 D Ref B NYCEDGE10 0 Ref C 0 0 0 10T0 Z Bass Pro Shops All Purpose 12v Power Pack.

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Covered with a super durable powder coat paint job the Booyah Finance Jig provides long lasting performance that you can count on cast after cast.

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