Browning BXD Upland Extra Distance Shotshells 20 ga 1 oz 5 Shot 250 Rounds $159.99 Browning designed their BXD Upland Shotshells for serious bird hunters who demand reliable shotgun ammunition that delivers dense, high velocity shot patterns at maximum range. BXD Browning Extra Distance Upland features an aerodynamically stabiliz

Theyll also recall the power rating on those boxes which attempted to guide selection by the range of the expected shooting distance.

Round resulting in high velocity retention for less necessary lead maximum energy transfer for ample knock down power and tight downrange patterns.

Browning BXD Waterfowl Shotshell Review Old time hunters will recall Browning was briefly in the ammunition business during the late 1 0s. Launches 1 1 ounces of size nickle plated shot at 1 0 fps. Knock down every bird you shoot at this with Brownings BXD Upland Extra Distance Shotshells. Browning's most extensive category shotshells consists of three sub brands all by the way with non reloadable hulls BPT Performance Target BXD Extra Distance Lead for upland and BXD. Click to display additional attributes for the product. Looks like the 0 gauge shell launches 1 1 ounces of size nickle plated shot at 1 0 fps.

Browning BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance 1 Ga.

Ive been looking over the different options for a 0 gauge pheasant load and liked the numbers on the Browning BXD Upland shells.

Browning Ammunition offers ammo for rifles shotguns and handguns.

Shot Browning Bxd Upland Extra Distance Shotshells Rounds SKU. Tight downrange patterns.

Shotshells 1 1 oz. Rounds per box.

It seems this is a relatively new ammo offering and i havent seen much in the way of reviews on it.

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