EGO Reach Crappie Landing Net Black Rubber 37 80 Handle $62.99 Aonger net can make all the difference betweenanding that trophy slab andamenting the one that got away. An EGO Reach Crappieanding Net features a telescoping handle, to help you corral a big fish before the hook pulls out. Made of high stren

EGO Reach Nets. On the Ego Reach Crappie with the fine mesh net and the Ego Reach. The ultimate crappie landing NET offers EXTRA REACH FOR LANDING CRAPPIE AND OTHER PAN FISH! 1 EGO S Slider Reach Landing Net.

The fishing net can hold all sizes of crappies in the 1 it is made from black colored nylon mesh which. The long reach allows the fish to be scooped up as as they surface even when caught on 10 1. 0 pounds and has a handy non tangle and hook free netting.

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Extending from inches to 10.

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The net is used for crappie and handles them superbly.

With Ego Reach Crappie Landing Net Black a handle that extends up to feet inches the EGO Reach Floating Landing Net is ideal for landing crappie bluegill or any panfish! Black powder coated steel wire frame and aluminum tubing with.

EGO S Slider REACH Landing Net The farthest reaching net that EGO has in the S Slider series of nets. One hand landing when fishing by myself and if net goes over board.

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